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'Passion Play Music' is a suite of classical pieces composed by Paul to accompany and illustrate the Passion narrative.

Lasting just over half an hour, the album has been arranged for orchestra by Roger Boyce and is suitable for personal or group devotions (perhaps including communion). It could also be incorporated into a larger re-telling of the Passion including images, videos, dance and Bible readings.

Background to the Pieces

'Gethsemane' represents the tension and agonising wait of Jesus before his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane.

'Dolorosa' expresses the great grief and sadness surrounding Jesus's procession through Jerusalem to Calvary, carrying His cross. The route He is traditionally thought to have taken is now known as the 'Via Dolorosa', or the 'Way of Sorrow'.

'The Burial', largely written for strings, is a poignant portrayal of the wrapping of the body and the closing of the tomb, all accompanied by tears and sighs.

The last two pieces can be linked. 'Longing (We Had Hoped)' expresses the sadness of the disciples on the Emmaus road (and all who are like them), who thought all their hopes of finding their Messiah had been dashed.

In the final piece comes the realisation that it was Jesus who was with them all along the way. Like the women who had been at the tomb early that same morning, hope and new joy emerges as ‘First Light’ dawns.

Arranged by Rupert Nixon


Two pieces from 'Passion Play' have been differently arranged by Rupert Nixon: 'Gethsemane' and 'Dolorosa'.

Paul has also recorded a series of short talks reflecting on Easter themes. Click here to listen.​

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