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Paul Luckraft is a Bible teacher and composer based in Buckinghamshire.


A retired teacher, Paul now divides his time between his personal projects, various Christian ministries and his local church.

Read on to find out more about his journey.

with my Bible

I was converted to Christ in my teenage years through the solid gospel teaching of a local evangelical church. From then on, the Bible has always been my main inspiration and means of spiritual growth. I was always grateful to those who could explain the scriptures, and longed to do the same for others.


As I sought the Lord over this, I discovered a gifting in this area which I have developed over a lifetime.


I started preaching while at university but after gaining a maths degree I pursued a career in school teaching. However, my spare time was devoted to learning the Bible and sharing it with others.


In middle life, I decided to take a part-time theology degree through distance learning, which helped to broaden my understanding in certain areas.


Since retiring from school teaching, I have taught the Bible more widely at conferences, small gatherings and church groups. The idea of recording short talks for a website has emerged from this, as has the desire to commit some of my teaching into printed form.


Notes from
my piano

I learnt to play the piano as a child but the real breakthrough occurred some years later when I discovered the pleasure of being able to improvise. I’m not sure when or how this happened, but my fingers started to move more fluently around the keyboard and find new music. At the same time, my feet also found a freedom on the pedals and I felt released into a musicality and creativity not known before. It was a joyful experience. Later I came to see this as worship: giving something back to God from what he had given to me.

At times when improvising it seemed specific pieces were emerging. When I was convinced a piece had formed, the long and tedious process of trying to notate what I was playing then followed. Eventually I had several folders of compositions – mainly just for myself, though an occasional charity concert did provide the chance to show off!

Recently, opportunities have arisen for some of these pieces to be arranged for various groups of instruments and even recorded. I am grateful for the skills of my friends for breathing new life into them. You will be able to access some of these pieces via this website.



Orchard Seeds was born out of Paul's desire to share more widely biblical insights he has been gathering for years. Though seeds are tiny, they grow into mighty trees - likewise, it is Paul's hope that the things he shares will take root and grow good fruit in the lives of others.

The material on this website is intended for personal and group study use only, with due acknowledgement of the author. For other permissions, or to invite Paul to teach at your fellowship or Bible study group, please fill out the contact form using the button below.

Orchard Seeds resources are completely free, unless otherwise stated.

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