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A series of short talks which reflect on the main themes of Easter.



  1. Who moved Easter? How Easter became detached from its Jewish roots

  2. Palm Sunday - Passion and Procession. Why did Jesus enter Jerusalem that way and on that day?

  3. The inspection of the Lamb. What happened to Jesus, our Passover Lamb, in the days before his arrest.

  4. Tried and Tested. The trial of Jesus and His subsequent mistreatment.

  5. Days and Nights. Examining the timing of events in the Easter week. Was the crucifixion of Jesus on a Thursday?

  6. Now is Christ risen! Investigating the phrase "three days and three nights", and what 'rising from the dead' means.

1: Who Moved Easter?Paul Luckraft
00:00 / 15:36
2: Palm SundayPaul Luckraft
00:00 / 15:41
3: Inspection of the LambPaul Luckraft
00:00 / 16:20
4: Tried and TestedPaul Luckraft
00:00 / 14:49
5: Days and NightsPaul Luckraft
00:00 / 14:58
6: Now is Christ RisenPaul Luckraft
00:00 / 18:53

Paul has also composed music to accompany aspects of the Passion story.

Click here to listen.​

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