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Here are a number of piano pieces Paul composed many years ago.

For permissions queries beyond personal use, and for sheet music requests, please get in touch via the About Paul page.

The first is called 'Tarantella'. There are many forms of this dance. Here is the agitated solo version, usually danced by the victim of a tarantula spider bite, perhaps in an attempt to shake off its effects. You can decide whether in the end the victim succeeds in triumph or collapses in a heap!

The second is a Scherzo in Gm. In general, scherzo means 'joke' or 'jest', and is a fast playful piece. This one is called 'Bubble and Squeak', for no apparent reason whatsoever.  

The third was written to pay homage to composers and styles of the past. 'Romp' is a journey from Bach to Beethoven. Others along the way include. . . well, see who comes to mind as you listen!

This meditative, improvisatory 'Reverie' is a homage to those who broke away from traditional tonalism, yet still wanted to provide music that was accessible.  

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