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The following pieces were originally composed by Paul on and for the piano, as a creative outflow of improvisation. They have been arranged for various ensembles by Rupert Nixon.

For permissions queries beyond personal use, please get in touch via the About Paul page.

'Waltz of the Colours' has been arranged as a chamber piece for wind quintet (flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon and French horn). Hear the musical 'colours' change as the instruments vary their roles and different timbres are employed.

'Hide and Seek' is an uptempo, jovial piece that has been arranged for full orchestra.

Take a trip to the circus with 'March of the Clowns', a whimsical take on the military march arranged for brass band, with more than a few hints of slapstick! 

'Skip' is a light-hearted woodwind quartet. Listen to the different instruments 'dance' around each other and together.

Inspired by the 'pilgrim feasts' of the Bible and arranged for wind band, 'Pilgrim Festival Overture' places us in the midst of a joyful throng of festival-goers, full of excitement and anticipation as they make their way together to the celebration. 

In 'Triumph Over Adversity', a foreboding sense of struggle is met by fortitude and tenacity in a dark, intense march evoking the human will to overcome difficulty.

For full orchestra.

We're off to the funfair with 'Helter Skelter', a cheerful, energetic piece for full orchestra that will whisk you away to a world of bright lights, candy floss and fond childhood memories.

Just like the beloved fairground ride, the themes in 'Merry-Go-Round' revolve at an easy pace, while the military sounds of brass and snare allude to genteel horses.

A long, gentle slow-down concludes the musical 'ride', arranged for woodwind and brass.

More coming soon

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