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Listen to a fresh rendering of Paul's letter to God's people in Rome

Presented here is a ‘conversation with my Bible’ from many years ago. I call it an ‘expounsion’ as the text is being expounded via expansion. Each Greek word has been studied in detail to find the full impact of its meaning. As much of this as possible has been imported into this English version.


Don’t think of this as another translation, or even a paraphrase, rather as a ‘conversation with my Bible’, which aims to hear more clearly what Paul had to say to this Christian community about some very important matters of faith and practice.


The final talk goes in the opposite direction and condenses the whole letter into a shorter form while maintaining its essential message.

Romans Part 1 chs 1-2Paul Luckraft
00:00 / 14:06
Romans Part 2 chs 3-5Paul Luckraft
00:00 / 15:23
Romans Part 3 chs 6-8Paul Luckraft
00:00 / 16:19
Romans Part 4 chs 9-11Paul Luckraft
00:00 / 15:56
Romans Part 5 chs 12-14Paul Luckraft
00:00 / 10:25
Romans Part 6 chs 15-16Paul Luckraft
00:00 / 09:41
Romans, condensed versionPaul Luckraft
00:00 / 18:14
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