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"...familiar scriptures burst into life with new meaning..."

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Jesus taught as a 1st-Century rabbi, a Jew speaking to other Jews. If this is how He spoke, then that is how we should listen to Him.

'Listening to the Jewish Jesus' sheds fresh light on the Messiah's words for the modern reader, unravelling many of His teachings by putting them into their 1st-Century Jewish context.

These pages offer a fresh hearing for Jesus, especially for those who believe in Him but are bewildered at times by what He said.

Out now in paperback, or listen free to audio!

", incisive and immensely revealing."

Nehemiah is a largely forgotten book but an essential part of our 'God-breathed' Scripture. It's time to let it breathe again...


Returning from exile, the Israelites set about repairing the broken walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah charts their progress, highlighting the need for God's people to build their community on the solid foundation of His Word.

'The Wall and the Word' draws lessons from Nehemiah's account for believers today wanting to strengthen their lives in God's service.

Out now in paperback, or listen free to audio!

The Wall and the Word

Paul Luckraft is not only a Bible teacher but also a pianist and composer.


He writes music on a variety of themes and enjoys improvising at the piano as part of his worship.

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